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  • <font size="4">Resource Plug-in</font>

    NEW version 1.1

    What's New:

    An action to load fonts. So now you can include and use fonts in your cap regardless if those fonts are installed on your system.

    Download: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5426011/res%20plug/ResourcePlugin1.1.zip



    The Problem:

    Construct already has the feature to add files to include when building an executable, But only the Xauido2 plug-in has the ability to access those files.

    The solution:

    This plug-in provides access to those files to any plug-in that can load files.

    Here's an example that plays a "mod" file that's in the "EXE":download


    • Extract Resource
    • Load Font (new in 1.1)


    • Get Resource
    • Get Temp Dir


    The plugin works by copying the files from the program's resources to a temp directory. The temp files are removed when the object is destroyed.

  • Bless you.

  • Nice, nice, and nice!

    Will come in very useful.


  • Ooh nice

  • great ! Really, really great

  • Holy shit it actually works very nicely! May I ask where it does that tmp file and are they hidden? Just to be sure that everything is made harder for those who want to do foulgaming ^^

    +1 Respect

  • Use the "get temp Dir" expression to see what directory is being used. When the files are extracted they use the extracted name you choose. The only protection the plug-in currently provides is the files are deleted when your program closes.

  • I'm just wondering where it extracts it as I didn't see dir in where I wanted to extract it? It gets the file just right but don't see it while searching folders for it. Just curious you know nothing else ^^

  • You could add some randomization for even more security.

    + System: Start of layout
    -> System: Set global variable 'Global 1' to random(2000)
    -> Resource: Extract Resource "anim01.png" as global('Global 1')&"sprite.png"
    -> Sprite: Load frame from Resource (global('Global 1')&"sprite.png")
  • Would be huge amount of work for doing with sprites but as well I use it only for one ini so I could actually try that extra security...

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  • Nice plugin rojohound

    As for "security", randomising the name will do nothing. You can just browse to your temp folder and find it yourself by hand in most cases. Someone could even make a tool to extract all your textures out a compiled EXE, the only reason that doesn't exist is Construct isn't popular enough to get that kind of attention. I say this all the time, but if someone wants to rip stuff out of your game they can and will, it's copyright law that protects you from that, not technical hurdles.

  • Yeah, that would only be useful for something like an ini, or the like. Guess you could also use the md5 plug if you think even that could get hacked.

  • I just want to make sure that 99,9 percent of people don't get the INI changed. Don't really care about anything else as it's proven that everything that seems hack proof will get hacked and cracked at some point. Good example would be Ubisoft's new copy protection -,-

    And well protecting the INI is important as it has weapon info and I need to keep it safe from users so they wouldn't alter prices.

  • This Plugin is something I've been really wanting! But unfortunately it's not working >.< I keep receiving this message:

    [quote:yy17od2w]Error loading C:\Program Files\Scirra\Construct\Plugins\Resource.csx (14001) - this plugin may not be available!

    Someone knows what can I do? There's some other way to load resources (specifically .ini files) from the .exe?

  • saint11,

    I think you copied the runtime Resource.csx into the wrong folder. Both the "Resouce.csx" files in the zip are needed. Copy the "Plugins" folder in the zip into your construct install directory and that should fix it.

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