new miniplugin (mouse movement)

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  • this is a plugin for detecting mouse movement, (not just changes in screen coordinates) through directinput


    two expressions: x and y

    the amount of pixels the mouse was moved in x and y respectively

    this detects actual mouse movement, as opposed to actual screen coordinates, this means you don't need to hijack mouse control from the user, if you move the mouse to the edge of the screen it still detects mouse movement

    also there is one action to make the cursor invisible

    this is different than the regular make invisible that comes in mouse keyboard

    this will make the cursor invisible even if it leaves the window in windowed mode

    don't worry though, if the user alt tabs, or otherwise changes focus, the mou

    se cursor will return

    but it doesn't let the user accidentally lose focus by clicking outside the window

    also, I think this plugin will be useful for having in game cursor speed control, because it uses the raw mouse data, which I believe is taken before it's processed by user set windows pointer speed settings(though I haven't tested this yet)

  • Nice!

    but why is it, EVERY time i write a tutorial for something it becomes obsolete by a custom plugin

  • Do not worry Quazi, it was an educational trip.

    And cheers Lucid.

    Is there any way to incorporate these sorts of plugins directly into Construct?

  • well, they're just as directly in construct as any other plugin

    if you mean for this plugin to directly control behaviors with no extra events

    I didn't add that feature because I'm waiting to see what davo does to fix the control system before I do that

  • This is perfect, just what I was after!

  • Is there a way to "block" the mouse from going out of the game edges?

    Eg. A custom mouse wouldn't be able to go through the edges of the game window, but would still get input if the actual mouse was out.

  • Link broken, sadly. ;_;

  • Is there any chance someone could post a new link for this plug-in? Thanks!

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  • Thanks Lucid!

  • not maintaining this anymore, and don't have immediate access to the source code even if I had the time, but I updated the download mirror above for anyone who wants to use this despite the disclaimer

    <font size="1">edit: whoa, how'd you do that?</font>

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