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  • <font size="3">Audio</font>


    By R0J0hound

    Description: Here is a alternative to XAudio2 for having sound in your game. It uses the Audiere sound library as a base and it can play Ogg Vorbis, MP3, FLAC, uncompressed WAV, AIFF, MOD, S3M, XM, and IT files.

    It behaves much like XAudio2 but instead of channels you access loaded sounds and musics by alias' (or names).


    By Xtense

    Description: A wrapper to use BASS audio library in construct

    PC Speaker

    By Dataflashsabot

    Description: Make old-skool music with the PC speaker. Can be also nice for sound placeholder.

    <font size="3">Controls</font>


    By sglorz

    Description: Customise your graphic user interface

    <font size="3">Data&Files</font>

    Command Line

    By linkman2004

    Description: This plugin allows you to access and interpret all command line arguments passed to your program upon loading. This is useful for passing instructions or file paths to your program before startup.


    By R0J0hound

    Description: Construct already has the feature to add files to include when building an executable, But only the Xauido2 plug-in has the ability to access those files. This plug-in provides access to those files to any plug-in that can load files.


    By Arsonide

    Description: it's actually a pack of 3 plugins which revolve into similar concepts. Go see the topic for more insight.


    By BROO

    Description: There's only two expression "Get MD5 String" and "Get MD5 File". Can be usefull.

    <font size="3">Game</font>

    Advanced Object Creator

    By Aeal5566

    Description: It allows you to create objects by name an instantly set the Height Width and Angle. This option allows you to easily create new instances of the same objects without having to deal with object picking. It also has a create grid feature that will do just that for easy grid making. It also has two scatter options one with randomized Dimensions and one without.

    As the link is broken, you can download it here Advanced Object Creator


    By Luomu

    Description: It allow you to use the Bullet Markup Language to shoot complexe pattern of bullet.


    By lucid

    Description: Customize all the controls for your games

    Dungeon generator

    By Luomu

    Description: This plugin can easily build a maze or a "dungeon"


    By Lucid

    Description: let you use a fully customizable file dialog popup window.

    Fluids (incomplete)

    By lucid

    Description: it allow you to produce neat smoke effects.


    Game Jolt API

    By CROS

    Description: it allow you to use the Gamejolt achievement system within your game.

    GridTree (incomplete)

    By Arsonide

    Description: GridTree helps you generate infinite worlds

    Input System (incomplete)

    By sglorz

    Description: Manages Keyboard, Mouse and Joystick through DirectX using the Win32 part of OIS. There are also many other things to discover.

    MagiCam (incomplete)

    By linkman2004

    Description: Allow you more control over scrolling, as if you were in control of a camera.


    By lucid

    Description: Add two interesting function Math.AngleLerp and Math.Lerp



    By lucid

    Description: this is a plugin for detecting mouse movement, (not just changes in screen coordinates) through directinput.

    Network (incomplete)

    By scidave

    Description: Allow you to make online apps and games : chat, action game, board game, etc.

    Perlin Noise

    By Arsonide

    Description: allow you to use the Perlin algorithmm to everything from cloud textures, to detail maps on "dirty" textures, and more importantly - to generate terrain.

    S (incomplete)

    By Lucid

    Description: S stands for superstructure, or systemplus. it is shortened to 's' to require the minimum amount of typing when invoking expressions. also, s happens to be the first letter in two of it's major functions...

    Screenshot (incomplete)

    By scidave

    Description: It only has one command right now, an action to take screenshot.

    Sprite Button

    By linkman2004

    Description: This plugin allows you to quickly and easily create your own custom buttons with custom graphics and text. Four types of buttons are supported: Normal, two-state, check-box, and radio buttons. A full feature list is found below.


    SpriteFont (incomplete)

    By lucid

    Description: Basically transform text into bitmap

    State Machine

    By Aeal5566

    Description: ?A state machine is a logical construct. It's basically a way to simplify handling an object by reducing it's flood of information down into one single "state" variable, that returns simple values like "walking" or "dying" so that you can interact with it it more easily.? (source: deadeye)


    UniqueSprite (incomplete)

    By lucid

    Description: I allow you to have many instance of the same sprite but with different texture in it.

    Wiimote (incomplete)

    By Luomu

    Description: enables using a Wii remote in construct applications via bluetooth.

    <font size="3">Graphics</font>


    By R0J0hound

    Description: This plugin allows one object to use the texture of another. It does not copy the image like ImageManipulator does, it just reuses the same texture. This results in instant texture changes.

    Noise (incomplete)

    By Arsonide

    Description: Like Perlin Noise but more powerfull

    <font size="3">Other</font>

    IK Solver 2

    By linkman2004

    Description: This is a plugin that takes all of the fancy math out of solving 2-bone IK chains. It automatically rotates the bones to the correct angle to reach a specified control point. It also positions the second bone automatically to the end of the first.


    Unix Time

    By linkman2004

    Description: A plugin with exactly one use: returning the Unix timestamp.

    <font size="3">Behaviors</font>


    By R0J0hound

    Description: allow an object to follow a path


    By linkman2004

    Description: This is essentially a far more advanced version of my Orbiter behavior. BUT... instead of merely rotating an object around another object in a completely predictable/stable orbit, this acts more like a gravity well. You can set an object to act as a satellite, an attractor, or both, where every object could have it's own pull on the others and orbit the others as well.


    By linkman2004

    Description: handle scaling animation



    By linkman2004

    Description: This is a behavior which can be added to object to make them orbit another object. This usually takes a small bit of complex math, but the Orbiter behavior takes all the math out and provides speed improvements over doing it with events.

    <font size="3">to be released</font>

    MUSE (incomplete)

    By Arsonide

    Description: This plugin does not seem to be done yet (or am I mistaken?). I list it here 'cause you can help Arsonide by generating syllable sets. For more insight, I advise you to read the topic.

    Ok I think I'm done with this list

    As for the effect list, feel free to pm me about adding/modifying/deleting stuff

    PM me when you make a new plugin or effect too... I won't spend my life on the forum watching out for them, but adding them can be really quick.

    Ok then, hope it will be usefull

  • Awesome Yann! I thought I had them all but the list proved me wrong =P

  • Thanks for putting it together.

  • Good list. Seems to be missing lucid's file dialogue plugin though.

  • Oh a nice one indeed. I'll add it as soon as I have the net back (house moving).


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  • Thats Good for me . I just needed this list.

  • Audiere and path

    By R0J0hound

    MagiCam incomplete???

    By linkman2004

    thanks i use this in my project

    Color Fusion (Masked).fx

    tulamide thanks <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • we need a mobile volume button plugin

  • the spritefont link is down. anyone please renew it ?

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