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  • Adjustable-size motion blur. Good for speeding objects.

    Use two times in perpendicular angles (0 and 90) to get adjustable-size gaussian.

    (called blur motion instead of motion blur so it will sit neatly in the list next to the other blurs )

  • it looks good for linear stuff.

    2 things though


    the blur only effects the bounding box of the sprite

    so if you look closely at the example cap, there's is a boxy edge to the blur when you move around

    second even if it takes extra events (or a tiny behavior I'm willing to write for this)

    it should blur based on actual movement

    like if your sprite moved down right then down the blur should be curved

    it just doesn't look right for curving motion

    is that possible to give it a list of previous coordinates and have the blur go around a curve? (like I said I can make a plugin or behavior to go along with it to make it work automatically)

    or would that be too many commands, or run too slowly?

  • That would be like Construct's built in blur, a kind of effect which is not even done for feature films . They use postprocessing with velocity buffers, which in 2D yield the same speed for a whole sprite UNLESS ITS ROTATING.

    So... this should be good enough except for the rotation case, which I'm thinking about but can't quite come up with a nice effect for it

    It's hard to notice the details in fast moving objects so don't worry about velocity changes between frames. Physically accurate blur shouldn't be larger than the distance travelled by the sprite in screen space, so you couldn't tell the difference anyway.

    Oh yeah and I overdid the blur size hit the bounding box, didn't notice that. Size is bounded by Construct.

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  • oh yeah

    forgot to mention in my post

    to fix the bounding box problem all you need to do is make the sprite larger so there is some black space outside the image

  • is this one any faster than the default blur horiz/vert?

    Sweet effect anyways!

  • is this one any faster than the default blur horiz/vert?

    Should be about the same

  • I know this is too old, and i'm sorry to bump this thread but is there a way to make motion blur in C2?

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