[EFFECT] Radial Gradient

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  • I think this one was missing. I tried to make the parameters where possible similar to the ones of the gradient object.

    A picture can tell so much more than I could describe (click for a larger version):

    How it works

    Best way to use this effect is by creating a sprite with the smallest size you can handle (e.g. 8x8, 4x2, etc). This way, you don't add much to VRAM. Apply the effect and resize the sprite on the layout to your needs. The sprite does not need to have a texture - just create a sprite and apply the effect.

    Don't resize the canvas in the picture editor because this would add to VRAM!

    How to use it

    The parameters are:

    • Direction - Set this to 1 to make Color1 the inner color, every other value makes Color2 the inner color
    • Color1 Red, Green, Blue - The channel values of the first color in percent
    • Color1 Opacity - The opacity of Color1 in percent
    • Color2 Red, Green, Blue - The channel values of the second color in percent
    • Color2 Opacity - The opacity of Color2 in percent
    • Opaque? - Set this to 1 if you would like to have an oval shape of the gradient's size

    Every percentage value may be set outside the range 0-100%


    Download RadialGradient.fx and put in the effects folder of Construct.

    RadialGradient.cap, the source of the screenshot, is also available.

    I hope it extends the capabilities of Construct.

    I will keep creating effects, some may be provided soon (I just don't know if you understand this sentence as a promise or a threat )

  • Awesome, thanks for this, its going to come in handy I'm sure.

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  • Great, thank you .

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