[EFFECT] Noise

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  • Nothing much to describe, apply to object or layer and hit preview.

    noise off

    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/34375299/Construct/Effects/Noise/Noise2.png" border="0">

    noise on

    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/34375299/Construct/Effects/Noise/Noise1.png" border="0">

    Noise effect


    • X Size - Horizontal size of noise
    • Y Size - Vertical size of noise
    • Modulation - 0-100% of modulation
    • Speed - Speed of noise   (thanks to Yarfapet)
  • {
         float2 t = Tex;          
          float x = t.x * t.y * round(frameCounter/ Speed);
          x = fmod(x,Mod) * fmod(x,Mod);     
          float dx = fmod(x,XSize/100);
          float dy = fmod(x,YSize/100);
          float4 c = tex2D(foreground, t + float2(dx,dy));          
          return c;

    Nice Plugin BTW

    EDIT: I guess you could also take out the round if you wanted something more fluid. But noise has never struck me as being such.

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  • [quote=]frameCounter/Speed

    i've been multiplying frameCounter*Speed never thought about /. Thanks!

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