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  • Gblur100 is a powerful 100 sample variable Gaussian blur. It is split into 2 separate shaders to be more efficient. Apply them both for a uniform blur, or just use one if you only want to blur in 1 dimension.

    Gblur100 uses -100- Gaussian weighted samples, which means unlike the stock blur shaders (which use 13 samples), this one can blur to extreme amounts, resulting in complete loss of focus, without noticeable quality loss. It is also variable, which mean you can tell it by how much to blur each pixel at runtime.

    Moderately new graphics cards won't have any problem handling this shader, but it might be taxing on integrated cards or very old gpu's.

    Also included is an oversampling parameter, which makes the blurred image glow or weaken, without using another shader. Useful for transitions, Luminosity level corrections when combining with other shaders, etc.

    NOTE: the GIF compression makes the blurring look dithered due to the low color amount, at runtime the effect is completely smooth.

    <img src="https://dl.dropbox.com/u/1010927/Forumpics/Gblur100.gif" border="0">


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  • As speed issue aren't such a big issue nowadays (imho), this effect finally brings us a good quality blur.

    nice to have:

    • a combined version of H and V
    • a motion blur where you can specify the angle (there is already a shader, but without the quality you can come up with, davio)
  • There can't be a combined version because it's a two pass shader. Maybe I'll make an improved angled blur in the future.

  • just after writing the previous post, i realized that there is no need for a combined version, sorry.

    looking forward to that angle blur!

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