[EFFECT] Depixelize

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  • Smoothen edges of color clusters similar to Eagle and 2xSaI, with scale factor and blending control. Work best with pixelart and flat shaded images.

    <img src="http://www.prr-art.com/things/construct/depixelize-01.gif" border="0">

    <img src="http://www.prr-art.com/things/construct/depixelize-02.gif" border="0">

    Pixelart by llshadow

    Download Depixelize effect


    • Blending : Effect blending with the original upscaled image.
    • Scale Factor. Works best with integer values above 1. 2 gives maximum smoothness. Use 1 (no scale) for previously scaled images.

    For better results I recommend changing the Sampling in the Runtime Properties to Point. This effect can also be stacked multiple times to give smooth 4x+ scaling, or be applied just once with 3x+ Scale Factor resulting in rounded pixels.

    It uses a novel and simple method that I accidentally discovered, not as good as hqx family, but gives results comparable to Eagle and 2xSaI.

  • Nice! I was planning on making this, thanks. Looks really good.

  • This effect is similar to the HD mode in the emulator of the old platforms

  • i think the link is broken for when i press the download link a new window pop up and show the code

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  • i think the link is broken for when i press the download link a new window pop up and show the code

    Works for me. Try RIGHT MOUSE and SAVE AS then put in effects folder.

  • that worked thank you

  • Yeah I dig this it looks better than scaling on emulators to me actually. Seems to prevent blending colors at edges as some of the emulators used to.

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