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  • Abstract implementation of tonal curves for RGB, Red, Green and Blue channels with three fixed nodes: highlights, midtones and shadows. Can be used to adjust overall contrast or create advanced color filters.

    <img src="http://www.prr-art.com/things/construct/curves.gif" border="0">

    Download Curves effect


    • RGB Highlights : Positive values brighten overall highlights, negative values darken overall highlights.
    • RGB Midtones : Positive values brighten overall midtones, negative values darken overall midtones.
    • RGB Shadows : Positive values brighten overall shadows, negative values darken overall shadows.
    • R Highlights : Positive values tint highlights red, negative values tint highlights cyan.
    • R Midtones : Positive values tint midtones red, negative values tint midtones cyan.
    • R Shadows : Positive values tint shadows red, negative values tint shadows cyan.
    • G Highlights : Positive values tint highlights green, negative values tint highlights magenta.
    • G Midtones : Positive values tint midtones green, negative values tint midtones magenta.
    • G Shadows : Positive values tint shadows green, negative values tint shadows magenta.
    • B Highlights : Positive values tint highlights blue, negative values tint highlights yellow.
    • B Midtones : Positive values tint midtones blue, negative values tint midtones yellow.
    • B Shadows : Positive values tint shadows blue, negative values tint shadows yellow.

    Don't let the number of parameters scare you, it's simpler than it looks and it's very versatile.

  • That's awesome,true color correction, nice one Animmaniac

  • That is amazing. Well done and thank you!

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  • I really liked this effects. But it's really weird. If I set values on startup they effects as normal. But if I change the values on runtime(for day/night cycle) than It effects very odd. I add 100 to value, but it effects like 10000. Or I set rgb highlights to 100. Than I decrease it 25 4 times. if it becomes 75 than it effects like 750. when it becomes 50 it effects like 750 again, when it becomes 0 than it effects like 0.

    I couldn't resolve reason of this oddness.

  • Spider_hip

    Are you sure it's not your maths? You can only set absolute values and there's no way to retrieve current parameters... For me, it works flawlessly. Thanks.

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