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  • In collaboration with oppenheimer (many thanks for the input, ideas and testing) I finally could make something useful out of the original idea of C-DEX.

    C-DEX is an effect that allows for gradient mapping. An offset parameter enables palette animation as well, which is the highlight of the effect. It is designed to be as easy to use as possible.

    Here is a demo in executable form:

    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/11182740/construct/C-DEX%20beta/cdexscreen.png" border="0">

    Use it to play around with the parameters and to see what it does. Just click on any of the options in the menu, then use the mouse wheel to change that parameter. In the lower part of the window you will find two buttons allowing you to load your own color palettes/gradients and background images. The latter should be in some power-of-two format (16x256, 32x32, 128x8, etc.) to be able to animate the background. The gradients can be in any format or size, just load any texture you get your hands on. Download link: C-DEX Demo A.rar

    Effect Download:


    EDIT: And here some explanations for usage. The effect recolors everything underneath the object it is applied to, using the first pixel line of the texture of that object from left to right. "offset" shifts the start value for mapping to the right and is used as a value from 0.0 (=left) to 1.0 (=right). You can enter a value higher than 1.0, it will then calculate the correct position (2.2 = 0.2, 3.0 = 0, 4.7 = 0.7, etc.) If you enter a negative number, then the range of colors to map to is reduced until you reach -1.0, at which point only the leftmost color remains. Could serve for a nice color fade in effect, or something)

    If you want to use it as a layer effect, the gradient should be on the top of that layer, and again the full length is sampled. (You could just place the gradient object on that layer, as an example). Everything underneath that layer is then recolored.

    Note: Due to the nature of the effect and the limitations of the hlsl-implemetation, rotation of the object is not possible (the colors are still sampled from the first pixel line of the bounding box)

  • My construct folder gets bigger and bigger^^

    Nice effect for radar like minimaps or for shiny items.

    Glowing weapons, or just to get an epileptic shock :P

    I like it, thanks.

  • Wow! That's nice!

  • Good! tulamide, i like your FXs they helps me a lot...

    Thanks! you go for my credit list, hehehe...


  • Thank you all :)

    Yaottabyte: Thank you so much. It's a good feeling, that someone makes good use of the effects :)

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  • great you released it and glad i could help out betatesting ;)

  • wonderful!play with colors!

  • does it replace the first line with transparency or does the 1px palette instruction line remain?

  • Wow, amazing. One of the few effects that construct was missing.

  • Thank you <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />


    It replaces the palette line, not with transparency but with whatever is to be drawn there. The object works as a palette on input and as a canvas on output.

  • How exactly do I make this work?

    I know, posting in a dead thread is not how I should go about it, but I really hope somebody will help me.

    Where do I put the text? I tried making my own .xml file but I'm not knowledgable enough to do it on my own. Do I even need one?

    Help me please.

  • Do you realize that this is for the now dead Construct Classic, and not Construct 2?

  • Oh yes, I see now.

    No I did not. Thanks for telling me!

    I found this thread via the search bar, so I didn't really think about it.

    By any coincidence, do you know an effect/plugin that does the same thing?

  • I'm not overly familiar with all the effects. Have you experimented with the built-in effects?

    There is also this list of effects from the Effects forum that may have what you require.

    If not, you could make a request in the What shader effects do you want? section.

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