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  • It's, uh... a tool for changing the value of the Platform behavior properties at runtime so you can test out various settings. You can click to create platforms too.

    It might help if you're looking to fine-tune your platform movement and you don't want to keep closing/restarting your .cap after changing a setting. Anyway it's just a little utility and it only took few minutes to make, but someone might find it useful.


    <img src="http://i39.tinypic.com/686g07.png">

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  • Quite useful! Just a minor annoyance that it creates a block if you misclick the value... I said minor.

  • Haha, that's fun

    I love that platforming thing you've done here, man. Back when Atari was still king, this would've been a hit

    Seriously, if you push that further, this could become quite an addictive puzzler.

  • Hey now theres an idea!

    Our debugger lets you change values of things at runtime...but it would be cool if you could actually modify edittime values via the runtime and runtime variables via the edittime. Something to add to the 'todo' list

  • I was wondering if it would be possible to serialize the data in reverse like that, it'd definitely be handy!

  • Here's the .cap if anyone wants it:


    It has no comments and isn't much to look at, though. I just sort of threw it together.

  • it would be cool if you could actually modify edittime values via the runtime and runtime variables via the edittime

    Unified values yes please!

  • this is a good idea. its simple but great for tweaking the settings to get the perfect platforming movement.

  • This is just great! And it could actually be turned into a kind of game...

    [Subtle hint]If only there was one of these for every behaviour...[/subtle hint]

  • Good idea. The simplest solutions are often the best.

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  • Someone have saved the "Platform Tool.cap" file made by deadeye ?

  • It's still available from the original scirra site, here:

  • Very handy thx alot Deadeye

  • Thanks zenox98.

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