Zango's Shark Adventure.. coming soon..

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  • Hello All,

    Zango's Shark Adventure - an action & adventure based platformer is coming soon. It has 4 worlds with 32+ unique levels!! I made it quite different from other adventure games, hope you will love the concept. For now have a look at some screenshot on first world.. Also we are working on our website and when its ready I will let you know.... More details on way.. Feel free to ask anything ..

    Please note that work is in progress.. Need beta testers!!

  • Also I need beta testers who are interested and have android, please let me know as I will also add beta testers name to my game credits!!

  • I can test it out if you like? I have an android phone and I pretty much play games all day. Just give me a link or the name of it so I can download it on my phone. I work on the weekends however so I wont be on my phone during working hours.

  • I'd also like to help in any way I can, I do own an Android (*cough, cough* Android master race and all *cough, cough* :D )

  • Hi all, thanks for volunteering, I will soon update on beta testing (in 1 week hopefully) as I am finalizing some things .. thanks in advance

  • no problem, and will it be uploaded on the scirra arcades?

  • Hi, planning to publish on android..

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  • oh okay

  • Hi All,

    My Beta is ready!! I need Android 10 volunteers!! Please send your gmail id to

    I will add beta testers to my credits!!

    What to expect: Test 8 Epic adventure stages and send feedback!!

    Let me know how it looks!!

  • Looking good, cant wait to test it out! :)

  • I have decided to publish open beta, will put the link here once ready!! I already submitted my beta!!

  • Hi All,

    Android users!! Get early access to my game and do give feedback and like us on Facebook!!

  • So, I tried your game and I would say that it was fun to play! I complete all 8 stages and I enjoyed it.

    I will explain and give you my opinion and experience from playing Zango's SA. As well as rating your project over.

    Graphics 6/10

    The graphics overall are not bad. I usually hate those types of graphics in games because they look so cheap to me. But for your game however,it works and fits your theme well.

    Gameplay 8/10

    The game play was fun and the controls were good. It wasn't awkward and the controls felt smooth as well as easy to work with playing it on the phone. The shark was very precise on hitting me so it felt like a good thrill to constantly avoid and run out of reach from that savage shark. I also enjoy the power up box, it added some fun factors to it, besides just jumping through the level. Using the rocket to fly through the levels was also fun and being invincible temporally was nice against that aggressive shark.

    Story/Theme 7/10

    The story was okay, but at least I know whats going.The music was very nice and soothing for the opening. The menu was good and easy to follow. The only problem is that I just didn't like how small some things looked. I Know theres a lot of stuff in the game and you want it to look good on the phone, but I felt that the title should of been a bigger to stand out and everything in the gameplay (except the shark) should be medium size or a bit more bigger. Last, the menu to could be a little more organized. But it was easy to follow and understand.

    Overall score: 7.7


    I took a look back at your game and played it. I decided that it's actually a really great game, and the graphics are actually very nice (i give the graphics an 8). If this is your very first game you made and sold, you did a wonderful job. This can really reach out to alot of kids to play as well. It's very fun and entertaing and thrilling to play and it won't be so difficult for them to play either.

    Overall score is a 8.3 :)

  • Hi GamerDude,

    Thanks for feedback, I got lot of feedbacks n I learned game is really hard, so I am working on new update which will make game more enjoyable, below are some updates that I worked, will let u know once new beta is released:

    1. Introducing Monkey Sensor: Now when shark is near Zango, game slows down so u can dodge shark with style!(like prince of Persia slowness concept) It's now really fun to escape shark!! No more running!!

    2. Introducing zango's sidekick: the mighty parrot ( Don't worry by name he's really cute) you can call him anytime when u r in trouble to drop you back on checkpoints or when u fall.

    3. Superman's punch: Zango can punch the shark for good ;) as it deserves from players (Its inapp purchase though)

    4. Reworks on levels to make it easy..

    5. Tutorial stage with no shark .. demand from feedback..

    6. Bug fixes..

    7. Ofcourse graphics updates: learned some users don't like graphics so I made updates including floating islands, esp. background, spring etc.

    Well will update when it's ready..

  • Hi All,

    Thank you for feedback. I have changed a lot of things based on feedback, I will release beta tomorrow so stay tuned!!

    Final Beta Update:

    - Added 4 New Zango's abilities: Slow, Climb, Attack, SideKick..

    - Slow Ability: Now you can dodge Shark with Style!! Now more running!!

    - Attack: Zango can now auto-target Enemies so you can attack with style!!

    - Climb: Now Zango can climb wall and rope!!

    - Introducing Zango's Sidekick - Thunder!! Now call Thunder to drop you at Checkpoints!! No more falling !! as Thunder picks you automatically when it detects when you are facing!!

    - Introducing Boss Levels!!

    - Improved Graphics - Reworked Graphics and World!!

    - Improved Controls - Better Response and control.

    - Added Joystick support!!

    - Now Game is full screen!!

    - Lot of updates!!

    Please let me know how it looks!!

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