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    Title: XENORAZE Survival

    Genre: Top-Down Shooter, Survival, RPG with craft items and machine physics. While singleplayer, multiplayer plans.

    Setting: Sci-Fi, Xenomorphs

    Engine / Language: Construct 3

    Platform: Android (web-version and PC planned)

    Developer: me alone, orchestra man

    Development time: ~ 6 months


    Short Description: Try to survive on the planet of monsters. Build walls, build defensive turrets, fend off swarms of bloodthirsty xenomorphs, look for food and water, build machines!

    Full Game Description: You are a member of a research expedition that had to escape from an alien planet. The spacecraft left the planet without you, as the crew thought you were dead. You have no choice but to face all the dangers of this planet. Your goal is to be able to survive and build a rescue ship to leave the planet of monsters.

    Xenoraze is a Survival game in the genre of Top-Down Shooter and RPG with a system of crafting, as well as machine physics.

    Get resources, build defense towers, construct cars, craft weapons, armor, food and other items to be able to defend against the attacks of the Xenomorphs and survive for another day.

    Monitor your satiety, thirst, energy, and health indicators. Also, don't neglect sleep. With a lack of sleep, water and food, physiological indicators deteriorate.

    Get experience points for killing Xenomorphs and upgrade your hero. Improve physiological indicators: running speed, accuracy, building speed, endurance, etc.

    Get ready for the change of time of day and night. It is at night that it is most dangerous: critters attack at dusk.

    Explore the area looking for minerals and artifacts.

  • 🎮 1.03.2021 Hey survivors! The game has been updated:

    ✅ Added Auto shooting option. Now the Hero can shoot automatically at targets within sight. In the dark, the distance of sight is reduced. Light sources increase the viewing distance in the dark.

    ✅ Added support for different screen sizes. The game now automatically adjusts to any screen resolution.

    ✅ Added mission Tower Defense: Trench.

    ✅ The Discord game channel has appeared: discord.gg/znPTSFS5

    ☣ See you on Kepler 22b!

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  • 🎮The game has been updated 30.04.2021:

    ✅ Added weapons:

    - Pistol;

    - Automatic pistol;

    - Shotgun;

    - Assault rifle;

    - Grenade launcher.

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