A wordpress JSON app (not how I ever planned to use C3!)

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  • I've been creating games with C3 but when I looked into getting an app for one of my blogs (which uses Wordpress) I realised I could try and use AJAX+JSON with Construct 3 to take advantage of the WordPress REST API to show the latest posts. Turns out it worked quite nicely.

    Listing in Google Play Store: play.google.com/store/apps/details

    At the moment it has one big issue which you can see in this screenshot below of the latest 2 posts. It the titles it shows HTML Entity code instead of "What's" and also instead of the hyphen symbol. I'll get round to asking for help in another forum thread at some point. I can fix it with an iframe but I had a lot of trouble styling the iframe with css.

    For now it's a simple one-page app. It needs a tonne more work doing to it but for now it pulls in the latest 3 posts using the Wordpress API and then displays the title, description and thumbnail. If the articles are clicked on it opens a new window for the full article. Eventually I want to improve it so you can see more articles and also click them and stay in the app to read the article content. It also has all links to social media channels etc.

    This is not what I ever planned to use C3 for haha. But it looks like it will prove a nice solution to having apps like this for my wordpress powered websites.

    I want it to be super simple so that people who keep up with personal finance news can see my latest articles quickly. But it still needs a lot more depth added. I'll probably use this thread whenever I push official updates to Google Play because there's certainly scope for lots of improvement. Full details are also at moneycortex.com/app if anyone's interested.


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  • Nice, I'm also thinking about doing some similar with an out of game 'newsfeed w/ comment, screenshots, likes, etc.' I already have it working in game (actually in Unity, mobile), but I am looking to do web version that would just do the new feed like yours. It looks like nice and clean.

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