(WIP) Max Thunder - Afterburner inspired pseudo 3D flying game

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  • Hello everyone, I am proud to present some gameplay of my latest project. This game takes inspiration from Sega's Afterburner series, specifically Afterburner Climax.

    There is still a lot to be done, like actual levels and boss fights, but this has been more of a passion project more than anything and to see the limits of Construct 2. This took about 8 months to make.

    Seems like the only limit is memory. With so many frames for the jets the memory use is currently sitting at 338 mb with downscaling set to low quality. CPU usage stays between 21% and 30% for the most part, but once there are a lot of objects on screen it will peak up to 49%. So continuing to add more to make it into a full fledged game seems risky.

    Here it is! https://youtu.be/0JRijZ8ekqg

    In the future I would like to put this on the arcade for all to play, I just need to add an in-game tutorial first. I stopped working on this project a few months ago and my interests have gone elsewhere into a new project. Please enjoy, and thank you for looking!

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  • This looks very promising!

    Maybe switch to C3 for overall scalability.

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