VRECTOR - a Construct 3 Game!

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  • Hello Everyone!

    I would like to share my latest creation: VRECTOR.

    This is my first game using C3. All my other games were developed using C2.

    So just a few quick details. I developed the entire game in an older version of C2.

    For Android, I imported everything into C3 and build using Scirra's build service. I have to say: THANK YOU SCIRRA for a decent, fluid, and easy build process. The APK come out quick and clean! No more intel XDK. Just sign the file and voila!

    For iOS i am still on ejecta, which I believe gives the best performance.

    Anyways, VRECTOR it is a simple game, but still fun:

    iOS: https://goo.gl/DTzfXD

    Android: https://goo.gl/wL51k6

    Of course, if you can find it in your heart to leave a review, karma will pay you back one hundred times!

    And, feel free to check my other games!

    Thank you!

  • Good game. Simple and fluid and the sounds effects are crisp and clear.

    One thing I did notice is there’s a display area at the top of the screen that has info in (possibly number of lives etc) that is covered by the banner ads. Might want to resize the play area to take these into account.

  • Thanks for playing and thank YOU for the feedback.

    The smaller rectangle on top is just a place-holder for the ads. In case no ad is displayed (ie. no WiFi), it just shows the game logo (VRECTOR). Do you see the ad covering more than just that space?

  • This is what I see on my iPhone 6s Plus...

    I can see there's something going on under the banner ad, but i don't know what...

  • Thank you!!

    Yes. It is the game logo.

    Nonetheless, my intention was for the ad to cover all the logo when displaying (and to have the logo when no ad is available). The little logo part that is visible does not look right! I did not see this in the simulation.

    Thank you very much!

    Will be fixing this soon.

  • Thanks for sharing your C3 creation. It is a simple and fluid game.

    May I ask if you use the built-in admob in C2 to show ads (both banner and interstitial)? Thanks.

  • I like the vector graphics style, reminds me of Tempest and Major Havoc, etc. I imagine you are actually using sprites for the objects, I wonder if you can some even more interesting animations of the objects, seeming to transform the line based objects in more complex ways?

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  • jflowbomb99 how did you export using Ejecta? Could you give a link to the tutorial?

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