A Virtual Escape Room, perfect for Halloween!

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  • Hey everyone.

    Happy to be able to say we just released our very first game! It's called Hallows Hill and is a spooky, cinematic, virtual escape room.

    It's designed to be played in small groups (though solo is fine if you're feeling daring and clever!) and we've made a companion 'app' (also in Construct) to help teammates discover clues.

    It's available to buy direct from our website with 10% off at the moment for Halloween :)


    Here's the trailer and some screen shots:


    I also wanted to give a shout out to this forum. We're a tiny team and I'd never done a single days programming until 2 years ago. I've literally learned everything I know so far through a cross-reference of the forum and the manual. So thanks to all those who give their time and advice. There is a great, positive, supportive attitude here (something that is not always easy to find!) and it's definitely Construct's secret weapon in my view. I hope to be able to contribute more as my skills improve.

    If anyone is tempted to play the game - all feedback is very welcome! And if you have any questions about it I'd be happy to answer as best I can.



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  • Sorry - the trailer link didn't seem to work! Here it is again:


    Hope you enjoy!


  • Looks great, I really like the idea of the Digital Backpack, so remote players have a little more agency. In other games, I've been doing this manually with screenshots and Discord to share images, so others can look at them async. The DB is a nice idea!

    Tech question, what did you use for your backend (to coordinate between backpack and the main game, etc.)?

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