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  • So im still working on my project and I love how the game is turning out. I've been procrastinating for some time and actually took a vacation from working on it , knowing I should of been getting easy things that I know what I can get out the way. Such as the designs, themes, levels, and other easy coding that I should of BEEN got out the way. But no worries, I caught up on most the stuff I needed to get out the way on my checklist and im just working my way towards the more difficult part of coding and the game.

    For my project im aiming for the classic look of old arcade games. Im getting there but not there yet. I have much more polishing to do in the levels of the game and make sure that its not so hard to navigate through the mazes. Im just so happy with how far i've gotten and know that im learning along the way and making progress as a indie-developer. I already know what I want to work on next. Which will be another classic style arcade game to help further develop my skills. So im doing light experiments/projects thats not too complex, but still able to challenge myself so I can learn and grow. Im also thinking about collaborating on my next project with someone, because hey, two heads are better than one lol. Im still a beginner/rookie , but I can see the vision.

    Anyways, here's some screen shots of the game im working on. These are the game plays.

    These two gameplay screenshots includes a glow effect.

    These are the normal gameplay screenshots for the game without the glow effects.

    Additional Screenshots of the game and what the outside of the maze looks like.

  • Nice progress, good luck with it :)

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  • Thanks :)

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