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  • Hey guys, Tiny-Football is a pixel-art (tiny) mobile american football game that I am currently developing during my free time. I am currently in the early stages of development. there are a lot of features I want to add to the game, to make it a great football experience. I will be pushing my builds out as i make the game on itch.io to maximize the amount of feedback I get. you can play the game here on itch.io.

    Please leave any feedback you have so I can better improve the game. I will update this post, when I publish new builds and there will be an accompanying devlog.

  • Lots of pixely goodness, congrats!

  • Loved it. I felt compelled to score a touch down! One constructive thing would be to make those bouncing transitions of 'X yards gained' a bit quicker.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Thanks for playing and thanks for the great feedback.. they are def slow

  • Tried it out, lots of fun and I like the tiny pixel graphics. I also like the crowd too, it adds a nice ambience. It would help me at least for training if the routes were shown during a play.

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  • great job! I played it, you definitely have something there! although I played on PC but I feel the really nice graphics will be very tiny tiny on mobile! but iPad should look okay I bet...

  • Thank you guys for playing and for the great feedback

    Mikal You gave me a really good idea, where I can add different traits to different players, and one of them for the quarterback could be something like perception, and leave the paths on the field, another one could be the same thing but reveal the defense AI...

    jobel Yeah on mobile its pretty small I have bee experimenting with increasing the layout scale based on the ratio for device width and device height, but have not gotten a result I have committed to yet.

  • Gave it a shot, mainly because the quirky pixel graphics caught my attention. It’s a fun little game. I didn’t spend too much time to provide a more depth review, but the practice session and then a bit of the actual game was fun. Graphics definitely fit the gameplay.

    Nice job.

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