Text Game. Only (for now) in polish / polski language...

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  • Translation added by mod:

    Hello Poles. What do you think about such a game? :)

    It is a text game where you have to explore, solve puzzles, use collected items, make decisions. All this in the background of a delicate outline of the story.

    The game for now only in Polish ...


    Witajcie Polacy. Co sądzicie o takiej grze? :)

    Jest to gra textowa, gdzie trzeba eksplorować, rozwiązywać łamigłówki, używać zebranych przedmiotów, podejmować decyzje. Wszystko to w tle delikatnego zarysu fabularnego.

    Gra póki co tylko w języku polskim...

  • pablo7Hi Pablo, bear in mind that this is an English-speaking forum. Please include at least a Google translated version of any non-English posts. Thanks!

  • OK. No problem. Sorry for that... :)

  • The GUI reminds me some of the 90s webpage styles. Unless it is made on purpose, please reconsider changing it to something up-to-date. You can also make it mobile friendly.

    Telling the compelling and vivid story is a very difficult task. Every sentence must be polished in Polish (I hope You see what I did there); strong, simple and thought-through sentences (like Hemingway's) work best. No repetitions, no internal inconsitency.

    For example - if you suffer from memory loss - how can You tell the clothing isn't Yours? Or how can You tell how did You get into the cave? Why through barred opening, 20 meters above the ground and NOT by corridor visible to the north?

    I'm not trying to discourage You in any way, I'm just pointing things that can be improved.


  • Yes you are right rozpustelnik.

    The GUI is rather made on purpose. I want it to be simple and neat.

    But what about the story telling - now i see it better, that i must be very attentive.

    Thanx for the tip rozpustelnik. ;)

    EDIT: I want to publish it first (only) on Steam. I am consider the price. Should i make it as a free game, or try to sell it for a few euros...

    First i need to finish this project - it will take a while...

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  • The newest screen from my game. Now there is a mini map, notebook and save game...

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