Super Tobu Adventures! - Now Live on Kickstarter!

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  • Hey all!!

    I just wanted to let everyone know about the game I've been working on lately...

    Super Tobu Adventures!

    Here's the official trailer on YouTube!

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    It's a 16-Bit+ action platformer. Made entirely in C3 (obvs...) and the Kickstarter launched a couple days ago. I dunno if it looks interesting to anyone, but any help sharing and spreading the word would be amazing!! I'd also love you forever for pledging as well ;) It'd be rad to see more finished C3 games out in the market, and I've love for this to be one of them!




    The demo is out of date, due to the time and energy it took to get the KS ready... but now that its launched, the demo is next in line!

    Thanks for paying attention :) The community on these forums has always been amazing for as long as I've been here. I may not come around for long gaps of time, but every time I come back, its so warm and welcoming, that it feels like I never left :)


  • Looks nice, I hope the marketing catches on and you get some real interest.

  • Hey all,

    Just wanted to let everyone know that the Kickstarter for Super Tobu Adventures! is now live. Its been so much hard work. I hope some of you decide to have a look at it, as I'm really proud of how its turned out :)

    Thanks so much for paying attention,


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  • Looks really good! Gameplay looks super smooth, loads of features and loving the artwork!

  • I am currently playing trough Mega Man X on SNES, I have finished three levels (doing one every other day...)

    Your game seems similar.

    I didnät get from the KS if you are creating a PC/console or mobile game?

    Are you creating the graphics on your own?

  • Thanks so much for checking it out!!

    The game is currently targeted at PC first and consoles second, which I believe is listed on the Kickstarter page, but its near the bottom and so is easy to miss (something I can fix!).

    I'm so glad you're enjoying Mega Man X, its definitely an influence on Super Tobu Adventures! among other influences as well! I still go back to plug in my cart and it from time to time! Chill Penguin is the best ;)

    As for the art, all of the character and terrain art has been done by me, as well as the concept and promo art. I did however purchase the trees/rocks, and backgrounds from two artists on itch that do amazing work!

    The intention is to redo that art in my own style however, but funding and time will play major roles in how that plays out. I also did all of the Foley and SFX myself, and worked with a close friend to develop the music together. I'd have done that myself also but just didn't have enough time.

    Thanks so much for taking an interest! I hope this answers some questions for you :) Have an awesome day!

  • Hell yeah dude !

  • So just a quick update, if, by any chance someone decides to google "Super Tobu" the first things that come up, are 2 fake GoFundMe campaigns using stolen assets from the Kickstarter page, and the KS Trailer posted on a YouTube channel other than "Fireskies Studios". So I guess its a bit flattering that people like it enough to steal it and try and make some money on it? Then again its also frustrating, as its hard enough to raise enough money to keep the project alive as it is, without others trying to take some for themselves... at any rate, please be on the look out for your own projects as well!! Guaranteed this is happening to many others!! If you're project is public in any way, google it often to catch theft early!

    Much love,


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