STORM THE MASTER ROOM - Sidescroller with Toy Tanks, Puzzles and Combat!

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  • Here's a game I made for a jam that lasted 2 weeks, this was a solo project I worked on entirely by myself - all the art and sounds were also done by me.

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    Here's the link to the page for it, let me know what you guys think if you get around to trying it out!


  • I'm going to be honest with you, I think you need to keep going with this project. You did this in 2 weeks?! Just imagine what you could do in a few months. You already had some good basic puzzles, it looks pretty good and fairly challenging.

    I would also be interested in seeing your work flow from creating the pixel art to character control to level design etc.

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  • Cheers, I'm glad you like it! As much as I'd like to keep going with it, I feel like I might be better off sticking to smaller and quicker projects as they're much easier to stick to and finish (Working on the same game gets a bit tedious and boring too for me)

    As for my workflow, I usually jot down some small ideas for the concept first before starting on the game. I focus on the player and any individual objects at first, and later on figure out how I can make them work together.

    Once I've figured out the concept, I then move onto doing art and then implementing each object into the game. Eventually stringing everything together via level design.

    I spent the first day doing the concept, then the first week doing most of the art and animations as well as getting the gameplay working. Second week was mostly spent doing the rest as well as some level design.

  • Some more images.

  • Pretty cool! gj

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