SquareTune - Create chiptune with a board

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  • SquareTune

    - Create chiptune with a board

    Create your chitpunes for free: link to SquareTune

    SquareTune - Create chiptune with a board is my first web app created with C3. It's a simple chiptune generator: the sound are created dynamically by the app. The user select the note and the sequence. It's also possibile to save the tune in an offline file with extension ".c3tune" (it's a json file).

    Add the notes

    To add a note, simply drag it on the board.

    Add circles

    Circles are the core of SquareTune: when a circle hits a note SquareTune generates a sound. It's possibile to choose the direction of circle's movements (up, down, right, left) and then drag it on the board.

    Create patterns

    Right-click to change the direction of the circle when it is above the square of the board: it's possible to create several patterns.

    Hide elements

    Hide all the elements to improve the appearance of the SquareTune.

    Delete elements

    Remove the elements from the board to delete them one at a time. Or click on "Clear All" to delete everything.


    Special thanks to Claudia Falzone for the translations.

    Sound generations based on the kittykatattack's library: sound.js.

    Icons from icons8.com


    This web app is created with Construct 3 Free Edition. I created SquareTune - Create chiptune whith a board with the free edition to test myself and my limits. I'm satisfied: SquareTune uses 50 events and allow to create chiptunes with only 182kb.

    And now?

    Now I hope to have some feedback. And I want to create a desktop version (via NW.js) for Windows and Linux.

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  • Neat little thing. Would be nice to have simple drum parts, like bass, snare and hihat.

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