Spring Fling on Construct Discord Community Jam (w/ source)

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  • The source should be available soon (I asked jam mods to turn on the link)

    Try it out:


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  • Nice work! Would you mind dropping some hints on how you made the spring effect? I have been trying to do something similar. It appears to be jumping at the user and moving to a different location. How are you getting the spring to scale up in size to a certain point that is roughly mid way through its path and then reduce scale as it gets closer to its final destination?

  • The source code is up on the jam site at the link, so you can see all the details.

    I have a state machine for the spring behavior. Landing, Falling, Rising, etc. Look for the Tween actions take on state switch. The size change is handled by the new Z elevation feature. The state switch is time-based with a different period/spring (all based on instance variables.) There's a master 'Spring' with location and direction and Child 'SpringRings'. The player is a special instance of the Springs and has 8-way control enabled.

    Hope it's useful, looking forward to seeing your game.

  • Mikal Played your game before. Fun! Good luck to you! Mine is Zombie Snipey: https://ccjam.armaldio.xyz/play-LWKHjUG6EiDItXnQJTt

  • Lumicreative.com

    Thanks, now that the Jam is over I'm going to add a 3rd party addon (Playfab for a high score/leaderboard), tighten up the controls a little and release it for free over on itch.io, so more people get to try it.

    Are you going to do any further dev on yours? It's probably my favorite because I get a feeling of a story developing in it and the zoom mechanism is great. Add a little more juice, a variety of weapons, uber-zombies and perhaps changing the environment over time, I could see that being a paid release.

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