Shinobi G.E.N.G.O (Early Alpha)

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  • Welcome to Shinobi G.E.N.G.O



    Join me as I create the game of my dreams. Inspired by an old Byond game called Naruto GOA and a more recent game, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Shinobi GENGO is a Ninja MMO where elemental interactions and creative combat are the focus. Trees burn, water extinguishes flame, etc. I've neglected to keep a proper devlog so far, but I decided since the game is growing in complexity, now is a good time to start keeping track of my work.


  • This is the exterior for the Academy in the Leaf Village

    The shadows are a Tiled Background that I stretched over the entire area. When you run to a certain point in the layout, the background begins fading out/in depending on if you're in the darkzone or not

    To achieve the lighting, I made some simple circle Sprites with the brush tool, put them on the same layer as the shadows, and set them to Destination Out (I think) so that they're essentially cutting holes through the shadows

  • This is one of the illusion skills used to trick other players. It turns you invisible, but you still make noise when you run, and your shadow is still visible, so it's best used in a shadowy environment

  • This might be the coolest thing I've added yet. CUSTOM FIRE JUTSU. Simply drag and drop the fireballs into your desired pattern. It will automatically orient to whatever direction you're facing when you use the move

    If you would like to follow the game's development more closely, or join the Alpha Testing team, you can check out our our Discord:

  • Prototype for the magnetism abilities in the game. I used the Tween behavior for the cool elastic effects when the kunais are attracted/sent to a destination. Sine for the hovering

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  • New Website:



    I added fog and made it so objects poke out of it depending on their height

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