How do I SHARE on Facebook & Twitter?

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  • hi , How do I SHARE on Facebook & Twitter?

    any one can help ?

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  • hi , How do I SHARE on Facebook & Twitter?

    any one can help ?

    on facebook there is the facebook plugin built-in

    for twitter go to twitter and look for how to prompt a share message requesting user login... and use browser object execute javascript or open url not sure which one would apply in this case... but there is no official twitter plugin i think all u can do is go normal javascript the codes are usually automatic made by twitter in this case. take a look at their tutorials.

    use the link they give u and add - on sprite touched> browser open link in new tab. and should prompt ur message and stuff. good luck!

    Edited: for android you might want to call intent of action on device and check if twitter is installed and send the request to the app to post a new message

    take a look at this topic

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