[Released] 41 Days - Minimalist Pandemic Simulator

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  • I'm very happy to show off my latest game 41 Days, just released yesterday on Google Play.

    It's a pandemic simulation. A new virus is spreading and players have to draw quarantine lines to contain the infection. The challenge is to keep the number of infected under 50% for 3 minutes.

    I'm a big fan of Construct. I've been using C2 for almost 5 years. I recently switched to C3 and I was really impressed with the new features. One of the best things I used on C3 is the ability to change sprite color. All my sprites are now white and I can easily adjust colors during the game. That allowed me to add different color modes in the game while keeping the design clean.

    Give the game a try if you have a couple of minutes. Any feedback is appreciated!

    I would love it if you can also support the game by rating it on Google Play.

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  • 41 Days - Minimalist Pandemic Simulator update for 1.0.1 is live!

    It brings UI improvements and minor bug fixes.

    Next up: leaderboards and achievements.

    Here's a short gameplay gif.

    Let me know what you think of the game.


  • Cool idea!

    One piece of feedback, using "Minimalist & Clean design" as a selling point for a game feels rather odd. It's one of those things that the person viewing those screenshots should determine for themselves rather than be told through text. It also seems more a selling point for a software than a game.

  • Thanks for the feedback Rory. I appreciate it.

    I don't agree that minimalist design is not a selling point. Many players enjoy that style and it's a valid niche. A lot of games use it as a selling point. The latest popular one is Traffix (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.infinity.traffix)

  • 41 Days - Minimalist Pandemic Simulator: 1.0.2 update is live! It brings major usability improvements. Quarantine lines can be drawn from inside the blocks. This greatly improves the game controls which is one of the things that need to be improved based on the reviews on Google Play.

    Action gif here.

    Download the game here.

  • Red vs Blue update is live!

    41 Days v1.5 brings three brand new game modes + complete new border placement system + user interface improvements.

    New Game Modes:

    ► Going Shopping - control a single point and try to avoid getting infected

    ► Red vs Blue - fight two pandemics at the same time

    ► All Together Now - bring order to the world and heal everyone infected

  • A new update for "41 Days - Minimalist Pandemic Simulator" is live!

    It brings a variety of UI and game improvements including:

    ► World map of all the hot zones

    ► Shorter pandemic scenarios

    ► Various gameplay improvements

    Gameplay video:


    Also, check out our new game that's in Early Access on Google Play. It's a calm and peaceful puzzle game about personal journals, nature, and time travel. The game is currently in open-beta, any feedback is appreciated!

  • Really cool! Nice concept and minimalist design!

  • Thanks Lumicreative.com! I checked out your games. Amazing. Over one million downloads 🤯 Congrats on your success on the Play Store

  • Thank you!

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