Relaxing Adventure to Kaneki Island (Android) BETA download available

  • [Updates]

    7/6/2020 Translated the game into Chinese, Spanish, French, Hindi, and Russian. Fixed other bugs.

    7/1/2020 incorporated rewarded ads, added additional control schemes (one handed mode), fixed misc bugs, added music to reward screen

    6/28/2020 updated demo with Challenge mode. Additional optimizations to make things run more quickly.


    Scirra Arcade Link

    Android Beta Demo Link:

    Last Updated July 11, 2020

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    Hello All!

    My next project is nearing completion and I'd love some feedback.

    It's a casual game for Android meant to be a relaxing time killer.

    Current Features:

    • Peaceful gameplay
    • Two speeds: slow and fast
    • Endless exploration
    • Ship customization
    • Optional Challenges
    • two-handed and one-handed control schemes
    • 6 languages supported: English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Hindi, and Russian!

    In-Progress Features:

    • Pirates Shanty Card Game (mini game)- collect cards while on adventure, then play against AI opponents in the Bar, or play with a friend (on the same device)
    • Further level development with checkpoints
    • Additional enemies (small enemies and mini boss-esque challenges)
    • Weather mechanics

    My next steps are:

    launching a Kickstarter to acquire some more custom graphics to add polish

    extending the level sequence further

    localizing the translations more accurately. If anyone speaks Chinese, Spanish, French, Hindi, or Russian, I would love your feedback on my translation!

    All feedback is welcome!


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  • bump :) greatly improved beta download now available!

    All feedback is welcome!

  • Hey guys! I'd love some feedback on my game! If you get a chance, give it a download :)

    I translated the game into: English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Hindi, and Russian! If you speak any of those languages, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE your feedback on my translation work!

    Android Beta Demo Link:

    Last Updated July 9, 2020

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