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  • Once in a while I get to do these fun little projects. RedRun (aka RedRunner) is a small little endless runner I was asked to do for an online shop, as part of a campaign to give existing customers something fun to do while waiting for delivery, and also in the long run hopefully generate a bit of traffic and new customers.

    The game is a pretty simple endless runner, where you play the role of Elena from the Youtube channel Agent Vegan - Youtube which is a fun cooking show set in the Soviet era, where a bored Comrade Elena is cooking in a bunker.

    You can try the game here:

    The game is still in beta, so let me know if you find any quirks. It will also be updated later on with more levels, characters, fun obstacles and other features. Hopefully also release on app stores.

    It's available to play completely free but requires you to sign up to save the highscore and participate in future promotions and win stuff from the shop at

    Let me know what you think, or have any fun suggestions.

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