" 3 Fantasy Heroes " My entry for #C3Jam ;)

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  • Hello everyone, this is my game for the contest, I hope you like it...


    Cover page

  • I played your game, it works great under W10 with Edge

    It does not work on Windows Phone

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  • Can it be because it's hosted at Newgrounds? To me it does not work on my mobile from Newgrounds, but it works perfect with direct link from bitballoon, I do not know if you can put another link or should only be in Newgrounds for the contest.

  • Ashley , Tom , Can I put a direct link so people can play from the mobile? Since Newgrounds does not work on touch devices.

  • It's pretty polished for what you have there. There just isn't a lot. I played it for a few 'days' but there wasn't a lot of challenge or satisfaction for me after I figured out the controls. It's a decent base that you can add content to, but you should really think about adding some more mechanics and depth to it to keep people interested for more than literally two minutes.

  • Thanks for your comment , in just 2 weeks I have not given more time, I hope to expand it for an android version after the contest. The challenge is to surpass your record, the enemies are becoming faster, in the future version of android with ranking online, final bosses and more little things.

    Taking advantage of the extra day, I added some little things, rain, clouds, thunder, day / night ...

    To give him a little more life.

    I leave some images of sample, already updated in Newgrounds;)

    I leave some images of sample, already updated in Newgrounds;)

    The game is intended for android, but I have added keyboard controls for the contest.

  • Very good!!!

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