Purgatory - Horror Adventure Game Teaser Trailer and Steam Page

  • Hey guys! Small milestone but my horror adventure game "Purgatory" is now ready to be wishlisted on Steam and also has a brand new Teaser Trailer!

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    If you like what you see, consider wishlisting it now on Steam:


    Thanks a lot! :)

  • Ohh this looks interesting, I love following Construct creations on Steam. Will add it to my wishlist.

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  • Your game looks legit. I love seeing C3 games of a higher quality. Wishlisted :)

  • Thanks for the kind words, guys!

  • Really nice!

    Can you share some insight into developing a point and click adventure in C3?

  • Well, from my point of view, Construct offers a lot of great tools to develop a point and click game. The three main elements for these kind of games are:

    • Inventory
    • Dialogue System
    • Navigation
    • Cutscene System

    There are many tutorials about how to build an inventory system out there. It's quite intimidating at first but even i as a somewhat noob back when i started building my game (and i'm no programmer at all) managed to get the basics working within a week of prototyping. Start simple and the nice thing about building one by yourself is, that it might make you think about nice and exciting new ways of interacting with objects in the game world. The adventure genre needs a bit of innovation now and then ;)

    I'm using the visual array editor for all my dialogue which makes it really easy to write scripts almost like a screenplay. You can also use different columns for different languages which makes localization much easier as well.

    My game is a sidescroller but i think with the pathfinding behaviour etc. it should be pretty easy to set up a basic Point and Click navigation that also has depth. The most difficult part is probably if you want to have character scaling according to its position in a room but it's basically one algorithm that you would have to figure out and i'm sure you'd find help for that here in the forums or the Discord.

    I built my own system where i can send characters around in a room and have them perform different actions once they reached their destinations. But now with the new MoveTo behaviour this would probably be even easier.

    So all in all Construct is a very nice tool to make adventure games! The advantage over more "cookie-cutter" engines like AGS or the likes is in my opinion that, since you build everything from scratch, you question the decade old mechanics of adventure games a bit and maybe give them your own spin. Plus its super easy to include more Arcade style elements into your game, if you'd wish to do so.

    As with any bigger project, just try to keep your code organized and you'll be fine. All in all, Construct enabled me to get as far as i did so i can't complain :)

    Hope this helps.

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