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  • Hey everyone! Im finally completed with my game! Unfortunately I wasn't able to upload it to Scirra arcade. But, I was able to upload it to NEWGROUNDS. Please feel free to comment and give some feedback for my game. Hopefully when Scirra allow games with C3 runtime to be playable I will be able to upload it soon. But until then check out Ping Pong Tournament! on NEWGROUNDS here!


    Arron Strike is a 6-year ping pong champion at his hometown in Georgia. This time, however, Arron put his skills to the test and joins the International Ping Pong Tournament of 2019. He swishes, he swings! Winning his way through the preliminary rounds and placing himself in the finals of the tournament. Though he has made it this far, the challenge has just begun for Arron. Will he emerge victorious or will he finally meet his match?

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