Paperless Expedition: Card-Based Roleplaying Game [Android]

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  • I created Paperless Expedition for Android an unofficial toolkit for Expedition, the card-based roleplaying game. This app acts as a digital conversion of the cards every other aspect needed to play the base game.

  • Nicely done and thanks for the pointer back to Expedition, it looks like a cool tabletop RPG also. How was it to implement this in C3? Any learnings that came out of it?

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  • Thanks! Yes, I learned quite a bit. Although, I find with every project I end up trying something new and learn a large amount. For example, this was the first time I'd dealt with JSON data and populating large sets of objects (cards) from tables.

    I'd say 40% of the reason I even undertook the project was because C3 had just entered full-beta and I wanted to see what was possible with it. I was also travelling and forced to work on a Mac. I have to say the fact it's browser-based is absolutely game-changing. The dark-theme, extension manager, effect previews, and cloud-saves were also incredibly helpful and have completely re-ignited my enthusiasm for using it.

    I also made heavy use of the Android exporting feature and was amazed at how easily I could push an update from the app to the Play Store (with an extra third-party app to quickly sign the apk). I can now make updates and have them live in less than two minutes. It feels like an incredible leap from having no idea what I was doing before starting and what I was expecting.

    Now that C3 has officially launched I really hope they're able to focus on adding more features and the community is able to gradually migrate the various, major plugins. I was so thankful LiteTween was already ported, but it'd be great to see some others as well.

  • Is the Paperless Expedition suitable for solo play?

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