Open Beta Test for my first Google Play Android app.

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  • I am almost ready to release my first game on Google Play! I just need some testers to make sure the game is bug free. If you have the time, please help!

    Here's the game page:

    And the opt-in link to test:

    Unfortunately the required specs are rather high (I had no idea what I was doing coming in), so an Android 10 compatible phone is preferred.

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  • I just tried the game. On my galaxy note 10 the game is not full screen, but there are 2 black bars on the side.

    When you release the game as open beta, can people from the market see the app and download it? or you need to send the link?

  • Yes, that was a mistake I made early on...I didn't design for multiple screen ratios, so the game is fixed at 16:9.

    As for the open beta, I had originally thought the link was needed, but it seems like it may be available to anybody who seeks out early access games.

    Anyways, thank you for trying it out! I still have lots to learn so my answers may not be too helpful.

  • Hey nice little game that. Nice graphics and good, smooth gameplay. My only issue was with the fixed 16:9 aspect ratio, but assume that'll be changed before the final release!

    One other thing that may make the controls a tad more fluid would be instead of holding to power up your shot, make it swipe to give the user more control. Later in the game (where the metal things come) I was struggling to shoot over them to make them drop as I couldn't get the right amount of power. Probably one of those things that you get used to after playing it lots.

    Anyway, good luck on the final release!

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