Online Easter Egg Hunt for my [adult] daughter (PC required)

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  • My daughter has always loved Easter -- so even after she became an adult my wife and I continued to have an egg hunt for her every year.

    Four years ago we moved away to Europe. When that first Easter came around I decided to use Construct to make her an ONLINE egg hunt using pictures of our old house! She loved it, so the virtual Egg Hunt is now a yearly tradition.

    The theme changes every year. This year it was: "Our Mexican Christmas!" and I used photos from our recent trip together. We stayed at an airbnb on the beach and it was glorious!

    Here is this year's game:


    1. There are 10 scenes. Each scene has 5 eggs. Find them all to move on.

    2. You can zoom in and out using the middle mouse wheel. (When zoomed in, you can drag the screen.)

    3. The game is a whopping 75mb. Give it some time to start.

    4. I downloaded the music from YouTube. Please do not distribute!

  • Oh, and I just want to say a big thanks to everyone at Scirra! Using Construct 3 is a ton of fun and I'm still amazed that I can create 1920x1080 games that run so nicely in a BROWSER. Outstanding!

    And it's such a versatile tool... This year I thought, "Hey, I wonder if I could add a full screen video?" I had to lower the resolution to get it to stream well, but it worked great, and it was very easy to implement.

    After I got this year's game working I thought, "Next year, when I have more time, I should add the ability to save your progress..." I did a little research and it was so easy I had it working in like 15 minutes! How awesome is that?

  • I had forgotten all about your Easter egg hunt!

    Very good job again - I found them all :)

  • Hey, Allan! I remember you from last year. :-) Thanks for playing my game again. My daughter got busy and never finished last year's version, so I tried to make it a bit easier this year.

    It takes me a couple of days to make these (using my old project as a starting point), but Construct is so easy I find the work a lot of fun. And this year I didn't really have ANY unexpected problems. I got a little nervous when the intro video ran great during testing, but once deployed to my website it froze and buffered every few seconds. That had me worried, but I reduced the render size to 640x360 and then it was fine.

  • I played last year and I'll play this year. Thanks boss, Happy Easter!

  • In every level theres that ONE.

    It seems like you got somehow even better at hiding eggs this year, and some of them actually cracked me up..! I like the video at the end~

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  • Ah! I remember this! Thanks for doing a new version - it's a great family tradition! Now to go ruin my eyes staring at the screen for way too long, I better turn on NightShift. Well done!

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