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  • Hello constructors!

    I started gaming 15 years ago.. and creating my own game one day was always a dream for me.

    Now I finally reached my goal and I released my first little game on steam.

    It's a small project, but I am proud of it, nonetheless!


    It's a roguelike with permadeath within a world im building for a little franchise.

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    You choose a startingcharacter to get some early equipment and spells/skills.

    While playing you find more weapons and armor, spend skillpoints on levelups and buy skills and spells to create the character you want.

    The levels get randomly generated. The combat is roundbased with range, melee and spells.


    After the fall of Olea, the godess of Death, and her temples, the spirits can't escape from this world anymore.The link to the afterlife is cut. Confused and only accompanied with the last emotion they felt as they died, they roam the lands.

    As it was a time of war, most of the dead died in anger and pain. So their spirits are enraged and attack the people of the kingdom.

    You live in a small village, far from the capital but close to one of Olea's old temples. Your village was safe for a while, but now more angered spirits are spotted in the woods around the village.

    There is no real way to fight them. So all you've got left, is to journey into the temple, climb down each layer of its ruins and fight what lies within...

    All for a small chance to find out what happened to Olea and maybe bring her back.

    I'd be happy to hear what you think about it!

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  • It looks nice. Pls include couple of screenshots into forum post for better visual representation :)

  • Looks good!

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