my newest game on google play *SKYSHIP HERO: The Arcade Shooting Game*

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Shoot balls to destroy as many blocks as possible, at each stage the game will become more difficult.
  • Hello everyone. This is the game I just released. I am quite serious in making this game.

    download here

  • Tried your game.

    It doesn't work at all on my Samsung Galasy S7, the screen just goes black but I can hear the music.

    On my Samsung Galaxy Tab S it works but is supper laggy, framerate probably below 20 fps so it is impossible to play.

  • You need to test your games before releasing to the public. Did you do any of this before?

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  • Black screen on galaxy tab a as well

    Also not even using your own icons is very lazy

  • and Maddog :thanks for try my game and sorry for black screen or laggy fps.

    but i dont get it why and how to solved that?

    i have tried on my phone xiaomi redmi 3s (cpu snapdragon 430), andromax (cheap locap android phone/cpu snapdragon 210) and samsung galaxy s8 (exynos) and its ok for me.

    I export my app release with scirra construct 3 service it self.

    can you help me how to solved this?

    the Maddog: yes i have tried on three phone with three kind spec level low-end phone to high-end phone and two kind cpu snapdragon device and exynos device. and its ok.

    Frozen Well studios: thanks for download my game. before i used scirra construct 3 service for exprot my app, i export my app release with android studio. With android studio i have change my icon because i know to do it, but right now with scirra construct 3 service i dont now to do it. there is no option for that. if you know how to change the icon in scirra construct 3 service or have link tutorial how to do it. please share it.

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