My New Game - Geo Journey: Mission France

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  • Hey guys :)

    It's been a while since I put a new game out.

    Here's the latest in my series of smaller games, aimed at learning Construct 3 and finding my feet making games. This is the 3rd one I've made with Construct, which I have to say is an amazing engine and creation tool.

    The game is a flappy bird type game but with much easier going game play. The game is actually for my wife's kids subscription business and features the two main characters.

    The game's aimed at younger kids.

    So there's a bit more stress with this one as it's going out there in the world.

    Anyway, here's the game, with a bit more about it under this...

    I made my classic mistake with this game - race into it, get it nearly done and then hit the 'oh, damn - it's not fun!' So I've spent the past couple of days tweaking game play, adding things in, and taking stuff out.

    As usual, I used Spriter for the animations and a mix of Artrage and Affinity Designer for the graphics. I think it took around 7 weeks part-time to make. I've reached that stage where I'm ready for the next one.

    I could REALLY use any feedback on the game, no matter how harsh and it would be really appreciated if you can let me know any issues or things that could be made better. Is it too hard? Too boring? All feedback welcome!

    Thanks and I hope your game is going well too.


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  • It's fun! I love the bright graphics and the sound effects. I'm not a big player of this type of game so to me it was a bit difficult, but seemed fair, and half the time it was my fault since I was trying to watch the scenery :p

    I did find a bug - if you die, then go directly to settings, then back to playing there's leftover objects that don't clear the screen.

    Anyway, nice work!

  • Hey TeeJam,

    Thanks for checking out the game. Much appreciated :)

    Oh and thanks for spotting that bug - I'll go squash it now.

    All the best!

  • I'm not sure if this was a bug or not, but I noticed the first time I picked up the package the boat turned around with the dog on it. The second time I picked up the package the boat turned around and the dog was gone.

    For a kids game I would tone down the difficulty just a little. Not much. The Bees inside of the wind mill was a little daunting lol. It got fairly challenging when the plane was shooting at me, but I liked that difficulty. However, I could see my 7 year old niece and nephew struggling with that.

    One thing that would look nice is potentially a shadow or reflection in the water for the owl. It would help show how close you are to hitting the bottom boundary. I noticed you can get what appears to be close to the water and make water splash up (which is a nice touch) but it was kind of difficult to know when I would go too far. The user on the forums named BOP has some good tutorials about reflections that you could possibly use and modify.

  • Hey Sean,

    Thanks for taking the time to test the game and for the feedback.

    Totally agree and I'll get to fixing those.

    Thanks - much appreciate it! :D

  • On a side note, I looked at your wife's website and it looks awesome. I may consider subscribing in a few years! We are still learning how to hold our heads up at the moment though.

  • Hi everyone,

    Been working on this game and have made some changes on it. I wasn't really happy with the first version as it just didn't quite feel right.

    Main changes

    - Changed the controls from press to flap to holding down space / screen makes him fly. I like the feel a bit better and it's a smoother experience.

    - Added a new soundtrack to the main level as the accordion got a bit annoying (The new one is more chilled)

    - Changed the collectibles to gold and added the value for each one.

    - New collectibles like the floating bouy and challenge circles, where the player is tempted to go for more score by risking their neck.

    - New bird enemies as the old ones got a bit boring (Purple swoopers, gray birds, orange hovering birds)

    - Added the blue boss at the end of each 'loop'- Added some other baddies like the drone- Made it a lot easier, although it gets harder over time

    - The water now has reflection on it as well

    Thanks for the help everyone.

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