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  • Hi everyone,

    I've been working on a new game.

    It's a counting game I made for my son as he's having trouble with some basic math stuff at school.

    The idea is you go through a jungle, adding and subtracting. The sums get (a bit) harder as you go on, and there's a leaderboard system at the end.

    Kids can level up their character and compare their rank with other players.

    I've uploaded it to my domain as I'm having a few issues with .otf files and the Scirra arcade.

    Thanks for checking it out. :))


  • Thats so nice. I played the game and i can say that this is very fun but also very educational for a child to play. Its not difficult"for an adult" but I feel like there was still good example of the problems for a child to solve. The bugs are a great examples. The only thing I experience was that sometimes the bugs would not move over to the other side when it came to some of the subtraction problems. But other than that, it felt fun but your learning as well. Hoped this worked out for your son.

  • Hey GamerDude

    Thanks for checking out the game! And thank you for mentioning the problem with the bugs not moving. I'll see if I can solve that now.

    Much appreciated!


  • looks fantastic! ) another bug - I turned music and sound off in the settings, but the sounds still played. (music turned off)

  • Hi Allan,

    Thanks for taking a look and finding that bug.

    I'll get on fixing that now!

    Thanks :)))

  • Fun game, nice work Tom. Does your son play it? Is it helping? It's a neat way to show him that math (or just solving problems in general) can be fun.

  • Hi Teejam thanks for the kind words and trying out my game.

    Roman has been playing the game quite a bit and both he and his older sister seem to like leveling up (although it doesn't really do anything!)

    If I get time I need to expand it into other maths puzzles - maybe re-using the assets.

    All the best


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  • The artwork is amazing! I love it!

    I have a question though:

    I want to be able to run a full screen HTML5 game directly from my website, just like you have, but i'm not quite sure how to do it. Currently i'm am using the following process:

    - upload the html5 file to

    - Use that code in 'iframes' on Wix to show the html5 game as an object

    - This doesnt allow fullscreen, so I have also posted the actual app.netlify link.

    I want to host the game directly on my site like you have done though. How me do that magicness?

  • Hi Sofa King :)

    Thanks for the kind words!

    Apologies for the late reply - you might have sorted it by now.

    I've got a server with FTP access so I just uploaded the unzipped .zip file I get exported from Construct.

    I've not used Wix but do you have FTP access where you could create a folder and upload the un-zipped Construct exported files to?

    Can you post or send a link I could check out please? I've done a fair bit of web dev and might be able to spot something. :)



  • Hi Tom!

    Thanks for the feedback. I just checked and "Currently, Wix does not offer an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) service. " Which is super sad, but its okay, because my current method works. It's just not as streamlined as yours. Thanks! On top of that, i'll be launching my app this coming weekend, so i've given up on the idea of having a functional HTML5 version.

    My splash page is

  • Also, the best of luck on your APP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets make education fun again!

  • Hey just checked out your game - completely blown away by the standard of artwork on there. Combining a Zelda-like with an educational game is brilliant. I checked out your full screen link and it works great.

    One thing I noticed though - if I click on English as my language, it flashes but I can't get any further. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Yeah, I'm not sure which version that one is, but in the more recent iterations I have made it more clear that you need to double click the button. I did the double click incase they chose the wrong one.

    Thanks for the awesome energy! This is my first crack at making an APP, so I'm a little nervous for the big launch next week.

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