I need some help with how to upload my game. Any tips?

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  • I've been trying to upload a game that I have finished around last week, but I can't exactly find proper instructions on how I can upload my C2/C3 games to these platforms:

    *Steam Store (PC)

    *Microsoft Store (PC)

    *Google Play Store (Mobile)

    *Amazon App Store (Mobile)

    *Apple App Store (Mobile)

    I'm aware that it will cost money to upload the games to these platforms, but I don't know how to put my money into how I can upload these games.

    I would like to know about any tutorials, tips, or tricks on how I can export my game, any info would be appreciated.

  • Hello, I saw that you didn't get any response on two of these posts and I think it's because the information is available to you when you go to their websites. If you go to the websites you can clearly see how to submit apps and go through their individual processes. If it is a question of export from Construct side, what trouble are you having?

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  • Well.. i'm just trying to look for a more clear step-by-step process on how I can upload my games. I don't find any tutorials, or even any links on how exactly I can upload my games to any of the platforms I listed. Tips, help, actual proper instructions, that sort of thing.

    I can't go online for very often, so its harder to see how I can do any exporting for my games. Are there any links on how I can properly upload my games? I'm not wanting to use my money into exporting if I don't know where or how I can upload my stuff.

  • Hi

    Google Play costs about 20€ to become a developer, Apple store is about 90€ (I think, it was around 90 last year).

    For Google Play you need to export your project for Android Studio. Then unzip the exported files. Launch Android Studio as administrator and open the project (files you just unzipped). Fix any errors - for most things Android Studio will tell you how to fix. Right click on app, go to Module settings, select app, go to Default config tab, enter Version Code and Version name (for example Version Code is 1, Version name is 1.1). Go to Build, select Build variant, select Release. Go to Build, select Generate Signed Bundle or APK. Select Android app Bundle, follow the steps, enter your key information. Wait for the build to finish and the locate the file.

    In google Play console, if this is your first app, click on any of the "create new app" buttons. Upload the file Android Studio has created and enter all the information. You need to fill out all questionnaire, upload screen shots etc. before you can start any testing. Once you've done everything wait for the app to be published (takes about 2-3 days) then go back to the test you have started when you uploaded your app (for example, internal testing) and you will get the link to share to your testers.

    I hope this is what you wanted to know :)

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