Mystere&Suspens, a brief preview of a visual novel I am working on.

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  • Hello, for the past few months I have been working on a small game project. This is a visual novel with with some point & click mini games. The more close reference will be the game Phoenix Wright. I mainly finish working on the Art Direction and the "engine" even if it's not perfect and i'm currently writing the stork (hardest part of the projet).

    I'm sharing with you some pictures and a video (sorry it's in french :s). I will be happy to receive your comments !

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    Many Thanks :)

  • Only few months for this quality is amazing. Great job!

  • Great style, looks really good and clean, love the cartoon look. What kind of choices can you make in the game? Is it around dialogue choices, or something to do with file drawers?

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  • Thanks for your answers !

    Mainly the game will be divided in two parts. The first part will be the dialogue part where you just follow the story, i didn't think of making any choices here but it can evolve. The second part is the "investigation" part with some mini-games. Here in the video for example it's the first investigation: you have to find the folder of the case that the character lost ! So there you will need to just discover a little trick by opening the drawers to discover where the file is. All of the "investigation" game will be with some point & clicks ideas.

    I can give you access to this first part:

    password : Mystere

    (sorry still in french, my native language :)

  • I see. This looks great. I got the important file in the demo, some of the other file contents were great and funny, nice style of humor and art. Keep us updated on your progress and good luck.

  • Thanks a lot for your comments. I will keep you updated about my progress!

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