Multiplayer Local Mayhem : Gizmo Grims

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    It was born in the middle of the last Ludum Dare, mixing two oposite themes, but i couldn't end it in time... the good news is i keep working on the prototipe and was perfect for a local event in my city, so i finished it as far as i could (because time and pay was quite short, but enough)

    How to play:

    you need a computer or any kind of dispositive to use as a screen, and smartphones with Chrome installed (works best with chrome). All of the participants and the screen get to the link. The screen must Host, and the phones touch Joy to join, then those enter the number in the screen and done.

    The game is a simple survive mayhemm, you are Peerman, the fire protector, and you must protect Gizmo (yes inspired from that old movie Gremlins), the players must administrate their oil during 3 minutes. The objective is to achieve the maximum highscore possible (for the momment 52782).

    This use Construct 3 official Multiplayer plugin, i had a lot of troubles and soulutions done, so if anyone have questions i'm glad to answer.

    Si hablan español pueden saber mucho más de lo que fue el juego y el evento en:

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