After 2 months of development, I am officially a Game Developer. I am proud to introduce Sports RPG!

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  • All made in Construct 3

    Take yourself on a journey in High School Football and go from the JV Bench to Starting for the Varsity squad.


    Mouse Only

    No minimum specs (it will play on anything)

    Windows, Mac, Lunux (all x64)

    7 Interactable buildings

    Simulated High School Football Practices and Games

    Train at the Gym, take Steriods

    Prestige System - Upon suffering a Career ending injury you will be rewarded with Prestige Points to invest in your player, based on your last play-through

    Earn Fans through Playing in Games which reward you with Cash to spend

    Buy upgrades at the Sporting Goods store

    Character Creation - Move around your attributes from Durability to Strength or Intellect


    Graphics, Coding, Music and SFX all done by 1 person, (Garrett Eaton -

    Side Note: This is my first game of any kind and after 2 months of development I learned a ton. I will be writing up a post-mortem a month after launch to go further into the development and everything that I learned on my journey.

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  • Hey this looks really cool.

    Where can I play it? Is it on the construct arcade?



    Thank you for your interest and making me realize I didnt put a link!

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