A Math-Game for my 6 year old Son

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  • Hey Guys,

    So basically, I've always loved the idea of making games, yet, I've never really been able to nor did I have the capacity to properly understand coding.

    Then, for me and friends LAN-Party, we came up with the idea to make a small game just for giggles...

    And it stuck. I love construct.

    So I wanted to explore it more and here is the result of an Idea thats been in my head.

    Its still a mountain of work and my coding logic probably is horrible but I love the idea of the game.

    Let me know what you think of it (and also how and where I can upload the current version of it for you to test it)


    The idea of the game is that there's a Troll living in the mountains, and he wants to settle. After all the fighting he's had enough. So he goes and builds a house. And my son can help him , with every equation he gets right, the house construction makes progress, trees are added, flowers grow.. etc... (more ideas to come).

    Right now I can think of an endgame so for now every time he gets one right an additional flower is spawned in the 'garden'.

    Thanks !!


  • Nice idea and good fun for your son. Just doing a math game myself for my kids, multiple minigames, the LAN idea is great, have fun with the project.

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  • Yeah it's still a way to go but he gave me some good input. But its so satisfying when you have an idea and you actually create it from scratch and it works!!!

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