made a little one button rhythm game

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  • I created a little one button rhythm game during a two week jam.

    Feedback would be appreciated! ty <3


  • Literally player can use any button (keyboard, mouse & touch?) to navigate in menu. But it might not so obvious for everyone. Perhaps a little further information should be provided on screen.

    The gameplay itself really familiar rhytm game for player that used to this genre. I must honest about the sfx especially when using earphone. It is terrible in a way that degrades the entire gameplay experience. Felt like gunshot out of nowhere and cheap clicking sound, not really satisfying.

    For me who is not good at playing rhytm game, it is very easy to miss all the beats. Nevertheless I want to still continue playing. But the game is really unforgiving makes me lost quickly and got mocking voice in the end just makes it worst.

    I should give compliment too for accomplishing the game mechanics. Graphics relatively decent for a jam. Animation & vfx all good. Probably a bit much text overlapping there.

  • Really nice, I enjoyed playing it.

    As alextro said, the menu part is not very intuitive, I only understood after some seconds clicking.

    Loved the art and music. I would suggest to try other SFX effects and reduce their volume.

  • alextro

    Thank you for the feedback!

    I'll add some additional info to the menu that you can use any button.

    I see, I'll try to work on the sound effects, I had a bit of a problem that depending on the song and part of the song the sfx would not be audible and on quite parts too loud, so I would probably need to add a dynamic system that checks the audio peaking average around the last few seconds and adjusts the sound based on that.

    or just make it really low, but I think for game feel reason the hit sfx should be audible somewhat even during the drops.

    For the difficulty I think this is more so the problem that I didn't have the time to create more and easier beatmaps. Though I'll up the starting hearts and also change the lose sfx to be less mocking

    KryptoPixel thank you, I'll work on that!

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  • Btw I updated the game with some band-aid fixes.

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