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  • as always graphics are place holder and yes I have gone back to HD and horizontal shooting. That is final now. No more arguments.

    excuse the spaceship. My daughter discovered fimo ( I think it is called) and i couldn't resist. it is like fancy Plasticine and before you start trolling my complete lack of modelling skillz try it your self. it is impossible to work with I dont know how people make such good stuff with it.

    My daughter has said she will do a nephilim for me as a boss. I cant wait to see it. once I get the plasticine boss in I will tidy the game up, fix the background and put up a one level prototype

    that would be a good milestone.

    LINK to Video.

  • It looks like an absolute mess at the moment but a couple of cool things ive been thinking about for ages and finally got some time to put in today... as well as watching the france match and having a few pints. (on top of giving 6 hours of my life away to the corporate monster that pays my wages)

    a very productive day indeed!


    1) scaled lightning attached to the randomly generated clouds


    2) you probably dont even notice it but a lerping change in height from below clouds to above the clouds

    nothing to do with game-play but should allow some pretty cool environment changes for the game.

    Im looking forward to testing it with some cityscapes.

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  • Well, as my project is finally running pretty much flawlessly in the C3 run-time (awesome work Ashley and Co) I thought it was time for a vid. As Ive bought a house that needs a ton of work I have been doing DIY recently rather than game development, its also why I haven't been around here much. But I am still chipping away on the game and still lurking when I get a chance. Im trying to learn how to integrate Tron style glow effects also Im still working out how to do the backgrounds. But the "engine" is becomming pretty robust now. Im getting a solid 60 fps on a dual core i5 with integrated graphics with the C3 runtime. The fps dips here are only due to running the video capture at the same time.

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  • Dudes. Result!

    3d ish Spinning around title like the old sega arcade games that I can't remember.

    Had to go re-learn some basic trigonometry for this one....

    I've given up on the you tube video due to the copyrights on the music. You just get whatever music is playing when I record. So will have to be a g drive link.

  • Looks tight. Now how about that demo we've been talking about since last year...

  • Cryptwalker


    Wadup?? :)

    Patience sir... the most awesome things come to those who wait...and potentially really crappy things as well..... Not quite sure at this point..... It could go either way. I will get you a demo once a have 1 complete level scripted. But bought a house and been getting into DIY so no decent dev time recently. But I battle on. I will finish day...

    However, as we might all be geriatric by that time and not able to aim any more I will put in a big bullet slow mo option.

  • Cryptwalker

    Wadup?? :)


    But bought a house and been getting into DIY so no decent dev time recently. But I battle on. I will finish day...

    Ahh the "just bought a house" excuse.... yeah sure blame it on the house, job, wife(s), kids, and no free time.

    JK LOL!!!! Just getting psyched to try this out man :)!

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  • Wooo, it's nice ! I just found some effects like bullets and explosions to be... hard to explain. The sprites seem to have a resolution too big compared with other things like player ship, enemies, bosses and city decor that are more united.

    Some things :

    - Clouds could (could cloud colud coudl cuodl...) have a smaller palette with more contrast.

    - The explosions could have brighter color and more contrast, and additive effect with background.

    The game seems really cool to play, fast paced, with a dynamism that reminds old crazy shooters, like Thunderforce. Music is space funky, like you're a knight of the sky in the future sliding on the horizon. And your kids contribute ! And you have a new house !

    Well done !

  • Nabu

    Hey man thanks for you comments!

    Technically it is an old house that needs a lot of work and I am thinking that I may have taken on more than I can handle. It has pretty much stopped me from working on the game but I am still doing bits here and there. And my kids well they are always saying they are going to do graphics for the game but nothing ever materializes so, yea looks like I am on my own on that front.

    I have just started to properly looking at graphics to try to find a cohesive theme but to my surprise I have learnt that I have no idea about art and design so there is a lot of trial and error. Part of my learning is trying to seriously understand how to make additive / screening effects look like really glowing across varying backgrounds.

    As part of my research I went to a big open air drum and bass rave and spent the whole night studying the lights and lasers to see what makes them actually look glowy. It was very enjoyable research! I think I will be having d&b soundtrack in the game also.

    anyway so yea hope to show some of the results of this research in the next video in a week or two


  • Menu Touch Control. Ive posted this vid elsewhere on here but chucking it in here for consistency.

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  • ...last vid of 2018,

    to add a little depth to gameplay, enemies now have shields and I have differentiated shield and not shield hits with different colors. also bullets bounce off when shield in place but pass through and get damage when no shield.

    Thanks to Team Scirra for making this awesome software see y'all in the new year.

    Now where's me eggnog?

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  • Holy shit mane!!!!!

  • Looks like this will be dope! Looking forward to it

  • I thought someone might find this interesting.

    Tonight I started modelling the main fighter ship in 3D in Catia. Im not going to spend too much time on this and it is the only thing that will get modeled like this.

    I need a 3D model to get the animation for the banking of the main ship in game. (I want it to rock slightly like you see in the old games. Also i assume it will make creating a close up shot of the ship for the title screen a bit easier. I have a plan to maybe fix the base model in catia then import somehow to zbrush core to add details. Im not promising anything amazing but just functional. It will be what it will be. It is stealth inspired but needs to have a big rotating gun hanging off the bottom to match the gameplay mechanic of shooting forwards and backwards. I will take a few screen shots through the process. Here are the fist shots

  • Im still alive.

    I haven’t done anything on this for months, too busy and also kinda got bored of the whole thing,

    any leisure time ive been playing a ton of Overwatch and have really got back into playing flute

    but I have been tinkering here and there and this is where I’m at. Yes its embarrassing how little progress there is but it is what it is im in no rush and still enjoying the process.

    So what have I done. yes it may look like the game is in worse state than 12 months ago however most of the tinkering has been around enemy wave creation. It may be hard to see but previously, different waves could do different things but each wave could only have one type of enemy and the whole wave had to do the same things at the same time. eg follow curve, go into grid etc. Now I have made it so that a wave can have multiple different enemy types and the wave can be split into up to 5 groups that can go off and do totally different things then they can even return to single formation and do the same things. as the same thing could have been achieved with individual waves the only real reason for this is scoring. as you get the big points for killing a whole wave it allows me to make the individual waves more interesting.

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