Local Server for Construct 3 (Windows)

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  • I just published the first version of my "Local Server for Construct3". I built this Windows app only with c3 (and a bit of javascript).

    It's only an experiment but I'm satisfied ??

    GitHub: Link to releases

    GitHub: Link to source files

    Local Server for Construct 3

    A simple Windows app built with Construct 3. You can choose a folder and start a local server (http on port 65432, https on port 8080).

    How to Install

    Download the Local.Server.for.Construct.3.zip from the releases page. Then extract the zip and launch the "Local Server for Construct 3.exe" file.

    How to Use

    Choose the folder to use like root for the local server. Don't use spaces in folder path.

    If the two circles are green you can start the local server. Differently, you can click to Copy Settings to copy the settings file. Then click to Install Local Server.

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  • hello hard working el3um4s!

    Made with <3 & C3

    Could you give me examples of where to use this for?

  • Could you give me examples of where to use this for?

    Hello mumu64

    It's only a test of c3's potential. I made it for testing addons in developer mode. If you look into the SDK Manual (this page), I want to simplify the point 2.

    You can use this program also for create a local web server for testing web app built with another software. Some things need to run into a HTTPS server: with this app you can create one and use it for testing.

    If you prefer, you can do the same with command line and npm.

  • Nice! Thanks for explaining!

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