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  • Demo can be played here.

    Crimson Games IO

    Play, publish and integrate leaderboards in your Construct 3 Games.

    Crimson Games IO, is a new website with an API of Leaderboards for your games, a demo project specially designed for Construct 3 is created and available for download in our platform.

    First you need to read the terms of publishing games on Crimson Games, and if fit to your game then you can create an account totally FREE of charge forever.

    Here is How to

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    Once you create an account you can upload your games to our platform, is recommended that you test the integration of our API in your games not mandatory but yes recommended.

    We offer 3 types of uploads, image, self hosted and hosted by us.

    Image: Means that is only an image of your game is not playable.

    Self hosted: Is for users who host the game outside crimsongames.io so for instance in itch.io or negrounds.com and then just add the external url of the game.

    Hosted by Us: Means you upload the game as a .zip archive to crimsongames.io.

    The demo project can be downloaded from our website, so you can check all functionalities of the API.

    As I say before is not mandatory, even if you don't want to integrate the API of Leaderboards you still can upload your game test and play online.

    Some extra words, I created this project because always want to made an integration between PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap and Construct 3, and after years of learning finally comes true. As I said before is free I don't do this for money of fame just because I love games and if this can helps anyone with the need of a leaderboards or just to test his/her game online in a real server well is that for.

    If you find any bug or a better way to do something please report to supporthuf@crimsongames.io


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