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  • Hi Guys I recently released the demo to my game Jump Me It is a super addicting platform game where frustration takes place! It is kind of like super meat boy.

    Please see what you think and your feedback is appreciated especially as we are still developing the game so Im happy to take ideas as well!

    Here are a few pictures of the game:

    We are Planning on adding a wide range of characters in the future and would love your ideas! But at the moment there's a boy and a girl character to choose from. We will take name suggestions for the characters as well!

    The aim of the game is to reach the red flag!

    If the demo game ranks up a load of plays here on the scirra arcade we plan on releasing to ios and android! Of course only the full version though!

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  • Every time I hit a button it forces full screen. Please put in a toggle. I don't want to be forced into full screen.

  • Im sorry you felt this way. I will consider this in tomorrow update and Ill PM you a message when I update the game!

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