IRONPAN (digital pipes / tinwhistle)

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  • anyone know how to play tin whistle?

    phones only!

    looking for feedback on lag.

    on my phone CUBOT power (some lag but very little maybe 50 ms so is very playable.

    on my other phones MOTO G4 and G5 (terrible lag like 300-600 ms totally unplayable.)

    • Top Right button - full screen
    • Diamonds - start the drones and pipes.
    • Rectangles - Drone keys.
    • To Play - face phone away from you and place fingers over squares like tin whistle.
    • You can swerve notes by moving finger to outside of line near square.
    • Tilt back to change octave/register the litle lever button can change trigger angle
    • kind of need a big phone, as so fingers should not touch each other, also make sure your fingers and screen are very clean or the sound will jump all over the place

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  • So FYI Im not new to Construct but I am new to hosting and making web apps for mobile.

    Ive been testing this on a few devices. I dont have full time access to IOS but....

    On friends IOS mobiles chrome and safari there are a couple of issues that do not present themselves on android.

    1) I cannot go full screen on IOS (chrome or safari) the full screen action does not work.

    2) The wave samples appear to play at the wrong speed so sound terrible. (chrome and safari)

    Is is possible that anyone can help me out with why this is happening?

    3) I have an automatic update action in the events (i.e. if update available then refresh) . On some android mobiles this works fine and the browser will automatically refresh after a second. But on many android it will not refresh and to add to the issue if users manually refresh the website does not refresh and still refreshes with the old versions so there is no way to get the updated version.

    Any ideas on these issues would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • 1. I do not develop for iOS, but this post might help you.

    2. Again, I'm not an expert in iOS, but it may be related to the WAV format you're using.

    3. Seems to be a cache problem. You could ad a random number to the request, to make it look like a new one, or you could try to clean cache with this javascript method. I never used but it seems to me it should solve your problem.

    EDIT: By the way, I don't know how to play this thing, but I tried it and it felt really natural on my Moto G4s.

    Sorry if I can't be of more help, hope this helps in any way.


  • brunopalermo

    hey man thanks for your reply,

    so I should be able to go full screen on IOS.... I will have to annoy my apple buddies some more to see what is going on.

    the IOS sound thing is very strange though. the wavs are standard wavs and are converted by Construct into webm now so maybe its something there?

    what I did notice with IOS though is the lag is super low even on the older phones, much better than any android phone I have tried.

    anyway cheers....

    here is a video of me trying to play it badly. sorry I couldn't get the phone to focus but you get the idea.

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